People we have helped.

Lives change, futures expand, options multiply. Here are a few examples:

Sondra is forty-something. A single mother, Sondra needed a career change to support her family and provide more stability. As an artist, she thought she would have to give up her creative passion to find success. She knew her children would soon leave home and she would need security for herself. After participating in the Life Transitions course at the Women’s Resource Center of Central Oregon, Sondra re-evaluated her talents and found a position developing her skills as a writer. “I’m much happier,” she says. “I’ve found self-fulfillment I didn’t have before,” and she is teaching workshops and using her artistic skills.

Kellie is a graduate of the Life Transitions course. Kellie went from being a “depressed, unemployed network administrator”, who was searching for what she wanted to do, to “a successful businesswoman.” Kellie identified her values through the course, realized her goals and pursued them successfully. “Everybody could benefit from the Life Transitions program,” says Kellie.

After Beth’s marriage ended and she found herself unemployed with no money, home or place to live, she isolated herself and was “profoundly sad and emotionally destroyed.” Beth turned to the Women’s Resource Center and the Life Transitions classes led by Carolyn Esky. She learned that being a victim is a state of mind which she chooses to no longer possess. Beth now believes she has “great potential”. “Family, quality relationships, meaningful work and economic security are my chosen values,” and she believes that her life transition will be successful. Beth is now working two jobs, attending COCC, working as a volunteer in the community and in her church. Carolyn Esky, Life Transitions trainer and one of the founders of WRCCO says, “Given a supportive environment, people will prosper.” After completing the classes, “I often hear my students say they have potential they didn’t know existed, or that they feel more connected to their values and feel empowered to take responsibility for their own lives.” Esky also facilitates many workshops hosted by the Center.