Partners in Transitions

This project is centered around partnerships with agencies and shelters serving the newly homeless families of Deschutes County. The goal is to provide newly homeless individuals and families with our trademark transitional training. Partners in Transition is adapted to address the special needs of this growing population.

Partners in Transition started in April of 2010 and so far have served clients at Bethlehem Inn, MountainStar Family Relief Nursery, Lake Place, NeighborImpact, Healthy Families of the High Desert, WorkSource/COIC Bend, and COIC/DHS LaPine. Our efforts focus on helping those experiencing homelessness to understand more fully what brought them to their current situation, where they would like to go, and how to map out a plan to achieve those goals.
Partners in Transition is offered to adults of these families at your location. The training includes 12 hours of class, given over a three-week period. The classes are designed to develop:

  • Tools to implement positive techniques and training on how to work towards transition and change.
  •  Enhanced skills for decision-making and goal setting.
  •  An understanding of communication strategies with oneself and with others.
  •  An understanding of conflict resolution techniques and strategies.
  •  Staff Partner Trainings

The Partners in Transition program also includes four hours of training for the staff of community programs
providing services to the homeless. The staff are given the opportunity to work through the same process their clients will experience. Staff will then be able to utilize with clients the highly effective communication and self-esteem building tools that are the core of the Partners in Transition program.

Population Served by Partners in Transition

Who qualifies for the Partners in Transition Program?

  • Recently homeless families with children, currently staying in shelters or affiliated with agencies working with at-risk families.
  • Targeting families that became at risk or homeless after the onset of the housing crisis in 2007.

If your organization is interested in learning more or participating in our Partners in Transition training, please call or e-mail our office to schedule a time to meet and explore how this program can help you to better serve the growing population of the newly homeless . 541-385-0750

Vicky MacRitchie, MA, LPC, is the designer and primary instructor of Partners in Transition, and has been teaching at the Women’s Resource Center since 2005. Vicky has Over 35 years implementing change and transition work through her C.O.M. Mediation work, Life Coaching, and private counseling practice.