Life Transitions

At the heart of the Women’s Resource Center are programs that support individuals through transition, at any age and any stage of life. Our signature program, Life Transitions, guides individuals through self-examination, goal setting, and action planning, helping you define what has heart, meaning and passion for you, and giving you the tools to move toward living a life of your own design.

Life Transitions offers an opportunity to gain a healthy perspective on all the changes that life brings, whether those changes are positive or negative, no matter what age we are. Even more, Life Transitions is learning how to work toward the changes in our life that we desire, to identify our values and then live according to those values. When we live according to our values, we live a life that has meaning and fulfillment.

 NEW!! Life Transitions Class starting January 2014!

Our Life Transitions facilitator, Carolyn Esky!

Carolyn has been an Adjunct Professor in Human Development for 22 years and was one of the original co-founders of the Women’s Resource Center.

6 weeks -  a commitment of 3 hours per week with a 1.5 hour class and a 1.5 hour support group

The course examines: 1)  the power of perceptions and core beliefs and the resulting self-talk; 2) personally defined values and how to live a life built on core values; 3) the value of intention connected to vision; 4) the core of wise choices and how to identify a next step action plan.

$200 or $32.50 per week – Course will be held on either Friday or Saturday depending on registrants preferences. We need a minimum of 6 to hold the class with a tentative start date of January 19th or 20th.

To register please call 541-385-0750 or e-mail


Here are some testimonials from past Life Transitions students:

The initial writing exercise is great to go back to at the end- loved that. The concept of fusion was HUGE for me. I’ve had lots of self-development info but never heard it put quite like that. I will take that one with me forever… I love ‘I think, I feel, I want’ and continuously going back to that model, as well as the house analogy for identifying how our past supports us/is under us/part of us/however you want to say it- both concepts are extremely helpful. Whether it’s transitioning from one day to the next or trying to survive a ‘crisis’, the principles taught in this class work like the rudder of a boat, helping me navigate through my journey. I have lived these principles since taking LT I and am so amazed and satisfied with my life. I am truly living my values and feel great about it. –Carrie


I am doing absolutely wonderful! I’m still growing and moving forward. It is amazing how your life can change just by getting a different perspective on things. And by becoming aware that the old survival skills no longer work and therefore you need to seek new ones! – Darlene